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Lvran Agricultural

Shenzhen Greenland Agricultural Group Talent Cultivation Mechanism

Article 1: Purpose

Establish and improve the company’s talent cultivation mechanism, develop effective talent cultivation and development plans, rationally dig, develop and train the company’s strategic reserve talent team, establish our company’s talent team, and provide intellectual capital support for the company’s sustainable development.

Article 2: Principles

Adhere to the "inner training, external culture supplemented" training principles, and adopt the "rolling in and out" way to cycle training.

Article 3: Talent Training Target

The company's personnel training goal always adheres to the personnel training policy of “professional training and comprehensive training”, that is, the company trains expert-type technical talents and comprehensive management talents. Expert-type technical talents refer to those who have mastered high-level skills in a certain field of work. Comprehensive-type management talents refer to those who have comprehensive knowledge and high management skills in the work area of their own unit or department.

Article 4: Talent Training Organization System

The company establishes a “distribution-integrated” talent training system. The functional departments and project teams are responsible for the initial selection of personnel training targets and the implementation of personnel training plans as the base for personnel training. The Human Resources Department is responsible for organizing and coordinating personnel training for the company’s personnel. Talent training planning, selection of talent selection criteria and procedures, identification of training objects, and overall planning for training plans.

Shenzhen Lvran Agricultural Group Co., Ltd.

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Contact Information

Tel: 0755-82373971、25476097

Fax: 0755-82373944

Email: 2976708713@qq.com

Group Headquarters Address: 501, Zhongchu 4th Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

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