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Lvran Agricultural

Shenzhen Greenland Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Green Ran Agriculture”) was established in 2008. It was developed on the basis of the original Shenzhen Greenland Business Development Co., Ltd., and the group company integrates asset management and production management. The main business includes: undertaking the annual China* Shenzhen International Modern Green Agriculture Expo, the modern agricultural production base, the private customized high-end agricultural products and the construction of the Internet shopping mall, and the modern agricultural logistics park (Heyuan Green Ran Lighthouse Base Agricultural Product Logistics Park). The R&D and promotion of traceability systems for agricultural products and cultural media.

"Green Ran" represents green and natural, embodying the company's philosophy of following natural laws, taking it for granted, and benefiting people's livelihood.

Shenzhen Lvran Agricultural Group Co., Ltd.

Rich Production Experience, Fine To Micro Production Mode, Considerate After-Sales Service, We Will Serve Our Customers Better.

Contact Information

Tel: 0755-82373971、25476097

Fax: 0755-82373944

Email: 2976708713@qq.com

Group Headquarters Address: 501, Zhongchu 4th Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

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